Ya’ll are being Ridiculous……..Yes I will be upset WHEN (because we all know he is Leaving) Zach walks out the Big Brother house on Thursday, But from the very start of Brother I had a back up plan for when Zach stuck his foot to far in his mouth and that plan was I picked Derrick to win the whole game why? Because Derrick is running the Entire house without getting BLOOD on his Hands he is hands down the smartest person in the house and can Talk his way out of anything Don’t blame Derrick for Playing the game because it is after all a GAME and Derrick is there for a reason if anyone deserves to win its him look at every single house guest and Analyze their game half of them don’t even have a game to Analyze you are crying about “Oh I don’t know who I want to root for after Zach Leaves” Root and Cheer on Derrick the Only person with a brain of their own and the only person actually playing the GAME for himself! Stop Hating on Derrick its fucking Big Brother I swear I feel like half of you guys never seen the show before!